Friday, November 5, 2010

tea towel turned apron

In the past weeks, I did 3 projects. One turned out bad and I gave up : ( , the other was ok but I'm not really happy about it : 8 and the last one was ok since it is really quick and easy. So, I'll share on this little project that was really easy and quick. All under 1 hour if you got all the materials on hand.

It's a tea towel turned apron. I've meant to make an apron for myself and my girl since she is very much into baking now and mine was getting old. Didn't want to waste money to buy one so I thought why don't I just use a nice tea towel and turn it into a simple apron. I've got this $1.50 tea towel from Ikea that I really like the nice red colour.  The bias tape was a steal at $0.50 from a shop at the textile centre.

1 tea towel [I'm not sure of the size but it seem to be able to cover 2/3 of my body :- P]
bias tape

Fold the towel lengthwise and cut away 20cm X 10cm from the top corner of the towel (cut it at the open side, opposite from the folded side). You can use a curve ruler to help you to draw the curve. This will be the arm holes. This is similar to what I did for the pillowcase dress.
Since this is a tea towel, all the edges are nicely sewn. So no worries about fray ends except the areas that you cut off at the arm hole. Open up the towel and get ready the bias tape.

Cut 108cm of bias tape. You can adjust the length based on how long you want the loop to be.  Open up the bias tape. Place the raw edge of the bias tape against the raw edge at the arm hole. Do this on the wrong side of the fabric. Start at the lower end of the arm hole and work upwards towards the top of the apron. Pin in place. Then, take the other end of the same bias tape and do the same on the other arm hole.

match raw edge of bias tape to raw edge of arm hoe

length of bias tape depends on how long you want the loop

You can start sewing the bias tape along the arm holes, taking out the pins as you go. After you have finished sewing them, you can snip along the seam allowance of the arm hole so that the curve is more natural. Fold over the other edge of the bias tape to the front of the apron and sew along the bias tape and arm holes.

Finished loop

For the tie behind, I've used bias tape of 45cm each. Sew the bias tape to the side of the apron for both ends and you are done!

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