Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A tutu, 3 dolls and a tinker romper-in-the-making!

Wow! After a long sewing break, I've started my tutu sewing for my 2 girls. Need to get them ready by this Sunday for the wedding.  I've finished the baby tutu.

It measure 9" long as I hope she can wear them for many more years! I've inserted elastic band and put satin ribbon around the hem of the tulle. The instruction is the same as what I did for the other tutu.  It's 52" by 9" wide and I've laid 8 layers. It also has a tiny little pink lining underneath! Can't wait to see her in this. The other piece for my older girl will have to wait as I've yet to buy the dark blue tulle for the dress.

Another projects that I did was the 3 Black Apple dolls that I did for my 2 girls. Can't resist to do them in the dress that I've previously made for them. So cute. You can easily make yourself using the template.  I've made some slight adaptation of including the shoes. The small one is exact copy of the template and the bigger ones are from the 150% of the copy. Thinking of making a ballerina one too.

In addition, I'm in the midst of constructing a tinkerbell romper for my 10 month old girl. It's from 2 XL-size T-shirt. I got it from Samstermommy website. It's quite a simple project but I took some picture so that it's clearly to follow. I yet to continue that as I've not gotton the elastic thread! my my my. Busy time but so enjoyable.

Do you like what I'm doing here? Why don't you just grab some fabric and start working on it. I can assure you that it's very rewarding to see the face of the recipients when they receive the gift. : ) I know mine did!

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