Friday, November 19, 2010

I finally bought a serger!

I know I've not been updating the post recently. Didn't have time to update the blog and also haven bought some of my supplies for my sewing project. Anyway, one exciting update I have. I've finally bought a serger for my dress making project!

It's a Brother 3034 serger
Have yet to try it out. Was undecided over buying a Singer or Brother. Good thing about Singer is that sewing the baby lock don't need to remove the metal plate. But Brother's stitch is smaller and more fine. Also I think threading by colour code is much easier but yet to try. I'll let u guys know how it's if I can do some sewing this weekend.

What are the model you are using now? Any of you got a serger? Do share your experience. : )


KAM Avenue said...

Hi Eunice! Thanks for visiting my site. We're using the same serger! :) Haven't had much time to get to know the serger yet.

You know, I said something similiar to your "Good to see fellow Singaporean sewer " to another local sewer last week. I wasn't expecting someone to say that to me, but you did! Interesting.

jean said...

Hi, I was blog hopping and came to your site! I have the same serger and I love it!! can't leave without it :)

Eunice said...

I agree. I am always finding reasons to use them like finishing the edges of all my sewing : )

jean said...

HI Eunice, i know what u meant haha... nice work! u sew many nice projects :)