Monday, November 15, 2010

An update on the tutus

As updated last week, suppose to finish the last tutu for big sister. Which I did. But, alas! She had a fall and had a hairline crack on her arm so she was put on cast and didn't get to wear it. : ( In the end, she had to wear a dress with a large arm hole to the wedding dinner so that the cast can go through. It's a pity cause the tutu was a beautiful turquoise blue with a satin inner skirt. I've used a white satin ribbon to tie around as a wrap around tutu. Looks like a cinderalle tutu?

Did I mention that I made one tutu for my dinner and dance? Well, I did! ha! It was a red tutu with black ribbon around the waist. The theme for the dinner was Red or Silver. So I made a red one. How do I look?

Anyway, although big sister can't wear the tutu, the baby got to wear them. She looks like a sweet princess and everyone said she looks so so sweet. But my hubby said she's like a slippery snake. Cause the tutu was making it hard for him to hold on to her as she constantly move around.

Here's the picture of poor sister in heart ache. I've promised her that I'll make a ballerina in tutu for her to keep her company while she is in cast. Poor girl.

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