Sunday, November 7, 2010

Am I insane?

Things have been crazy lately at work. My work used to be desk bound but these few weeks, I had to travel around and meet various people. It's hard on my schedule as a working mum. Sometimes the meeting would be at lunch hour or after work. I felt so stretch and to add to that, my eldest was sick with high fever past few days. Physically, mentally, I'm drained. That explained why I couldn't sew as much as I wanted. I used to do my sewing late at night when they are sleeping, around 10pm and end off at around 1pm. So, late of sleep is the norm with dark circle a trademark of me : P

Why do I still insist to sew till so late you may ask. Am I insane? Well, maybe. But sewing keeps me sane in a way. My body can't escape to another place because my family and work need me. But my mind can dream of wonderful projects and craft that I can do, limit only by my competency, I guess. So, everynight, I'll try to keep my finger busy with beautiful craft. Thank God my husband is really understanding. He didn't discourage me but will give me feedback on my projects and I'll improve on it the next time.

Sometimes, I do wish to quit my job and stay at home to spend time with my young ones. They need me the most now and I'm always pulled in different directions at work and rushing home every evening from work to childcare centre to mother in law place and then home again. It seems like my home is only a place to sleep. I wish I can bring them out and nurture them but financially, it would be a burden to have one 1 income. Singapore is really an expensive place to have kids. : ( Gosh...I'm complaining. Forgive me. This blog is really a good place to air my frustration at times. For you guys who drop by to read my blog, it will be really nice to drop me some comments so I know you've been here. It mean a lot to know that someone likes what I'm doing here.

Anyway, I'll not stop sewing I guess. No matter how tired I am, I still find passion in sewing things. Sometimes my projects went haywired, sometimes, it's surprisingly fast and beautiful. Sometimes I screamed at my sewing machines when the threads keep jamming up, at times, the sound from the sewing is quite theraphetic! Hah! Do you know what I mean? Oh went, need to stop my blah blah now. Got to go on with my work. Baby and girl asleep now. Good time to do some afternoon craft. Maybe a quick fabric wallet. Hopefully, I can post more of the crafts soon. Do drop me a note if you visit.  : )


Webmaster said...

Well done Eunice. You are not insane to do what make you feel good. Keep up ne. Gambatte.

Anonymous said...

Hey! Keep going what relax you. I am the one following your works. I wish I could do like what you are doing now, sewing. I do not have such skill yet; just an easy work. I know how hard to ease yourself with taking care of kids and family. I always fall asleep at the same time as my boy.
Your hobby cncourage me a lot. Maybe I should start crafting seriously to please myself.
Gambatte ne 'Bia

Eunice said...

Thanks! Do continue to visit and give me lots of feedback and comments. I do want to improve on my tuturial. Let me know if you can't follow them and I'll improve on them!

Anonymous said...

Hi Eunice,

Keep it up! I like to read your blog. I just started my hobby too last year (from crochet to sewing). I have no basic at all, i just learn from internet. Till i purchased my sewing machine two months ago, then i started browsing more interesting website especially sewing. And now I found you =). I found you abit similar as me :) (I have 2 girls too =D). Blessings! Lili