Monday, February 7, 2011

10-minute draw string bag

Is that possible? Well, yes if you are using a tea towel to start with like me : )

I had 2 tea towels that I bought from Spotlight which I've used one to make a tote bag for my mum. Finally found the use for the other one. Another bag of course!

My 1 year old received lots of present from her birthday. One of which is a set of Lego. I've thrown away the original cardbox as it is quite boxy. Hence, the lego pieces are all over the place when she play or chew on them. I thought it would be a good idea to sew a draw string bag to put all these pieces in a bag. It will also be good to carry them along when I bring her out for the new year visitation. Cause toddler can get bored really easy. Thus, the birth of a 10-minute draw string bag!

Tea towel
cotton cord

Since it's a tea towel to begin with, all raw edges are nicely sewn! nice : )  My tea towel measure 17.25" X 27". 

1) First I make the casting for the draw string cord by folding in 1.25" from the top of the short edge. Make sure you fold inwards to the wrong side of the fabric. Do it for the other short edge so that you have 2 castings. Pin in place.

2) Sew a straight seam at 0.75" measure from top along the folded short edges that you have just pin. This will form the casting for the string later. Do the same for the other side.

3) Fold the tea towel into half with right side facing and the casting edge are on top.  Align the 2 sides and pin along the edges for both sides. 

Starting from the bottom of the bag, sew along the side with straight stitch using the existing hem as a guide.  As the hem are already sewn, it's abit thick to sew through so I've used a zipper foot to sew.

Congratulation! You've finished sewing the bag.
4) Now for the draw string. Cut 2 pieces of cotton cord measuring 40" each.  

5) Using a safety pin, thread it through 1 end of 1st string and loop through the casting from left to right.

6) Once you have loop through the first casting, go through the other casting at the back from right to left.

7) Your tail of your first string should be at the same place as your start point. Take the 2nd string and do the same but now starting from the right side and bring it through to the back from left to right. Are you lost? Hope not.

5) Once both string are out, you can tie the knot to secure both ends. You are done with the draw strings. Put the toys in and ta-da! Your 10-minute draw string bag!


jaya pratheesh said...

aww my amy has the exact same lego set , she got it for xmas. I love that you made a drawstring bag to put them in... I use crates to throw all the toys in together. maybe this will help with not mixing them all up.

great tute, thanks!

Eunice said...

you are most welcome. the lego mostly ended up in my baby's mouth : )