Thursday, February 3, 2011

Table Runner for the Festive season

Happy Lunar New Year!
Wishing all who are celebrating the seasons with great health and blessing. : )

It's the first day of the lunar new year. I had a busy day of visitation to my grandmother-in-law place and my mother's place. It was a long and tiring day but we made it through with lots of food, drink and watching the DVD with the relatives.

Last day, we did the final touch up of our house till wee hours in the morning. I did the most crazy thing imaginable. I sewn! A table runner for placing all the goodies. We did a stop over at Ikea yesterday afternoon and really like the orange cotton fabric and decided to buy them to make a table runner. It's in orange with motif of birds and leaves. We bought 2 metre of it at $10.90/m. A bit expensive but we really like the print and I've got only 1 evening to finish the sewing in the midst of the cleaning.

There's no tutorial here as it's pretty easy. The finished size was 1.95m X 13.5" wide. Basically, you fold the edges twice and sew around the edges with straight stitch. I've used the serger to sew the raw edges first and then iron the seam twice using 0.5" seam allowance. It's neater after you iron and makes the sewing less painful and faster. So, cutting size is about 2m X 15.5".

new table runner on our black glass dining table
here's the view with all the goodies on top!
Next step, I'll be sewing placemat and probably coasters to match! Will share more after the new year.

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