Saturday, February 26, 2011

Twirling Circle skirts

I've always wanted to make these circle skirt when I read about them from Dana.  I'm always amazed at her creativity and her skills. As a busy working mum of 2 girls, I'm always on look out for simple, quick and yet pretty sewings for my girls. And this has been on my to-do list since last year.  Finally got the chance to try it.

True enough, it was a breeze. I mean, her instruction is very clear and straight forward. After I got the measurement (both myself and my girl), I laid the fabric down and cut them just like the instruction. With my serger (so dependable! :0)), I had fun sewing the waist band until I reach the hem. It was a pain! Maybe I was not a very skillful seamstress or my machine is acting up on me. My thread keeps jumping and the hem goes really wavy and I had to take the thread off for 3 times!!

But, after much undos and groans of 'not again!!!', I've finally finished the 2 skirts. Mine was much faster as the problem was resolved after I change my needle. But my girl's skirt took some times since it was a different material which is slightly stretchy, I had to continue on the next day. But all in all, we are very happy with our new skirts.  Am planning to wear them to church tomorrow. Me and my kid. Well, the baby got to wait till she's older I guess.


Mrs Sze said...

Hi!! I've been wanting to do this circle skirt too but can't find a suitable material. Which kind of fabric you using and where can I find it? Thanks!!

Eunice said...

Not sure of the material but from the display at Spotlight, it was Shantung Suiting 2461, Linen. I bought 2m at around $9/m. It was on discount then. Original price was $11.95. There's a few nice ones there that were light weight. Just don't find stretchy material as I've problem when sewing the hem for this one. Do share the photo when you finish the skirt!

jean said...

beautiful!! :)