Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My To-Do list

I was suppose to finish up a tutorial yesterday but I went to Ikea last night instead. If you follow my blog, you would know that Ikea is one of my favourite place, besides Spotlight and Chinatown fabric centre of course. I love Ikea Tampines cause there's ample parking and it's free! Besides, I can always hop over to Giant Supermarket next door to do some grocery shopping or even window shop on the latest IT gadgets over at Courts Furniture and Electric Mall next door.

Need to ask? I'm a friend of Ikea so I really love the 2 free drinks and 2 discount meal that all members are entitled to. My girl is also a little member so she had her discounted meal and free drink too. For the month of Feb, they have 1 for 1 meal promotion so I get 2 salmon meal for the price of 1. Had a satisfying meal with my family at a very affordable price : )

Anyway, back to sewing. Headed back home around 10pm and tried to do some sewing but was too tired to continue. I'm actually doing up a surprise gift for my parent. Hopefully I'll get them done these few days and will share the tutorial soon. I'm targetting to give it to them this sunday when I visit them.
So, hopefully, and I prayed earnestly, I'll be able to accomplish below for 2011:
1) spend time with my 2 girls so that they will feel the warmth and love of a goldly mum
2) coach my girl to be ready for Primary 1 next year ( I need lots of patience here)
3) sew 1 project per week. list includes (for now)
  - surpise gift for parents

tutu skirt for niece

    - Big/small sister T-shirts for the girls

  - bag for a friend

itty bitty baby dress for baby
    - baby shoes for friends' babies

Thank God for the inspirations from fellow bloggers. Sometimes when I'm tired and get a bit lazy, I'm once again energised by the projects on the blogland. They are so creative and everyone are so amazing. That keeps me going in creating mine too. : )

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