Sunday, March 20, 2011

A surprise giveaway

I've just bought some fabric from Spotlight since they were having a sale last week. Had wanted to make a dress for my girls and also more neck pillows. My best friend had asked me to sell her the neck pillows for her 2 kids as she saw the one that I made for my kids. I felt so happy that someone had really thought the pillows were good enough to sell.  Anyway, I couldn't charge my friend since I really wanted to give them as gifts to the 2 kids. 

For the girl, I used the pink pokka dots flannel that I made for my girl earlier and for the boy, a cute monkey print in green background.  Since I'm in it, I decided mass produce and give away 3 neck pillows to anyone reading my blog! But, only for readers in Singapore for now. Maybe in future, I will consider overseas if there is request. But for now, as the first giveaway, I"m starting it slowly.  : ) More will be coming in future if I've more confidence and time to do mass sewing.

If you would like to receive a neck pillow, you can drop me a comment. If there are more than 3 readers, then I'll draw lots.  Entry close next Wednesday.   


KAM Avenue said...

I want!!!! :))

Eileen said...

I also want! Its very pretty and would be perfect for my daughter's road trips...she's a car sleeper!


Eunice said...

Hi Hi
Your neck pillows are ready to cuddle some necks : P
Please send me your posting address to my email address so that I can drop your neck pillow this Sat : )
Hope you'll enjoy it.

Eileen said...

Hi Eunice,

Thanks so much for the lovely neck pillow which arrived at my desk this morning. What a wonderful tuesday morning surprise! Am sure my daughter would love it and put to good use for our June road trip!

Thanks again,

Hanny said...

am I too late for thisssss :(((