Sunday, March 27, 2011

Because I love them

I love my kids. Because I love my kids, I will do all kinds of things for them. Like my girls said, mommy will take care of everything!

Well, that's why I did what I did. All the sewings and crafting. My friends asked me where I find the time to do them. I said, while they were sleeping at night. It's not easy to do alot of sewing when you are holding a demanding full time job while taking care of the family after work as well as 2 very active young children. But, because I love them, I hang on there with my supportive husband and extended families.

What I did since my last post? Well, not alot. I've been trying to spend time with my kids. Bringing them to the library, went swimming and get together with my sister's family. But I did sew 2 things. One for my kids and one for my car.

I saw this fabulous idea for a magnetic doll using photo of our kids from ikat. Thought it will appeal to my big girl who loves to change clothes for her dolls. Printed our their photos and paste on the magnetic sheet and laminate them before cutting them up. The clothes are done in the same way. If you are interested to do, you can buy the magnetic sheet from Daiso at $2 per piece. I bought mine from Vivo city as not all branch carry them. I've used my leftover stash of fabric and lace to make the dresses. More to come. The white board holding the dolls is from Daiso too.  For the crowns, I've bought some stickers and paste them on the magnetic sheet. I didn't laminate the clothes as I wanted the fabric to stand out.  You got the idea that I love Daiso as much as Ikea : )

Another sewing that I did was to have a Car Caddy to keep all the stuff in my cars. With 2 kids, I got lots of papers, tissues, toys and stuff lying around. So, I followed the tutorial from Sew4home.  Brought some coordinating thick fabric from Ikea to match with my orange fabric that I've bought earlier from Ikea for my Table runner.  The bias tape was made from the black fabric myself.  I didn't curve the corner like the tutorial and left it squarish. It looks good. As I don't have the buckle in 1"size, will have to wait till I get them before I can use it on my car.

If you intend to sew this, remember to use a thicker fabric which mean a thicker needle. I've use leather needle to sew through the 2 layers of back fabric + 2 layers of pockets with their interfacing! You need thicker fabric to make sure it retains its shape at the car seat. I intend to hang it behind the driver seat to hold my kids things plus tissues, car par coupons etc. The buckle, grommets, etc can be bought from the Textile centre at Jalan Sultan Road. The same place that I bought my clips for my toddler vest.

 Okay, got to stop.  Will be sharing soon 2 more sewings that I'm currently working at.

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Mihae said...

Wow your skill is very nice. I 'm not good at sewing.. I just like to see something nice haha~
Your babies look like very happy ^---^