Friday, March 4, 2011

Fabric hairband & Coasters

Recognise the fabric used in this hairband? It was leftover from my previous pillowcase project. I decided to make a hairband for my girl from the scrap and the size was just nice for a little girl's head. I even added the fabric flower for colour.  She had a fever yesterday and I thought I could cheer her up with this colourful band. Not going to give any tutorial here since this is quite simple and I did see something similar in blogland before but can't remember where.

Fabric Coaster
Anyway, the main tutorial will be the fabric coaster that I made. I've made something similar for a christmas present using a charm park. But this time, I've used a piece of japanese small cloth.  Hmm..not another one of the small cloth project you may say. Probably I should just rename all of them Japanese Small Cloth Projects!

8 coasters
Like I said, I've used a piece of Japanese small cloth that already have the squares nicely printed. It's just nice to make 8 dual-face fabric coasters. Each coaster will finish measuring 4" on both sides.

Other Materials

1) Cut out the squares with about 0.5"seam allowance between each square. It was just nice to cut all 16 pieces out along the columns. Sort them by their print. I've 4 sets of 4 designs each.

2) Place 2 pieces together, with right side facing. Then, cut a similar size batting and place on top of the 2 fabric to form a sandwich. Pin in place.

3) Sew around the edge of the fabric square, leaving 2"gap for turning.

4) Trim the edges and clip the corners. Then, turn it inside out and iron on the right side to make the 3 fabric lay flat.

5) Sew around the edge again, close to the edge. Do take note to sew close the gap that you have left earlier for turning. Your coaster is ready to be use. Enjoy!

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