Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

My girl is so excited about tomorrow's Valentine's Day. We made some cards for her teachers and friends at school.

We first cut out 4 equal rectangle cards from 1 card stock and paste multi-coloured heart-shaped card on them. My girl did the writing of her friends' names on the hearts and paste them on the card. She did the drawing of the stem and leaf below each of the heart to symbolise a 'growing' heart!

I did the printing of 'Happy Valentine's Day' wording on strip of white printer paper and help her to paste on each one of the card. She decides on the colour combination of hearts and cards. Well, it's looks really pretty and she can't wait to go to school tomorrow. Said she wants to be the first in school.

Oh, the big red heart next to them contain a small pack of M&M which is sandwich by 2 big hearts stapled together. It's for her K2 classmates. She plans to eat them with her friends in school tomorrow. The 3 flowery heart with ribbons are for her 3 class teachers.

I took the opportunity to make a card for my family. Pasted 4 hearts of different colour on a card stock and paste 1 photo of each one of us on the heart and then paste a little coloured ribbons beneath each heart. Didn't take photo to show cause it looks really elementary. But I loved it!

So, how are you spending your Valentine's Day? Sigh,..I've got another dental appointment tomorrow. Hopefully, mine will not ended up being a painful one.


Hanny said...

hi euniceee...

omgg, i'm soo amazed at the amazing projects that you've done!!!!

am really inspired by all your nice projects & the fact that you're doing them for your kids... thumbs up for doing all that while juggling a full time job!

i'm really not a creative person but i can't help feeling i want to start a project like urs nee... i can't stop reading your blog & you've done sooo many things, i'm gonna have to find the simplest thing to start with...

i have some fabrics bought from our stay in japan and let's see if i can do anything close to what you've done.. at the meantime, gambatte with ur projects & see you soon, hopefully :)

Eunice said...

Thanks pal! I'll be sewing some baby and toddler project soon so you can try them. I'm a self-taught sewer so my projects are all quite easy. Hope you can sew some and share picture soon : )