Monday, May 23, 2011

Cupcake box pleat dresses

Back view

fabric flower pin
The only ''proper" photo of them together!

no flower pin. she refused to pin them cause her sister has none.
I didn't have time to make another.

The only time she will sit still is for FOOD!

I've finally finished the 2 dresses for my girls. They are exactly the same with one size 6T and the other 1T+. Had in mind to make the 2nd dress a bit different but my girl objected it cause she wanted her younger sister to look identical to hers!

The pattern drafting took some time as I was trying to figure out the measurement as I roughly based it on a similar pattern found in a pattern book but I've adjusted the arm hole size, added the waist band and extra lining at the skirts. Overall, I'm happy with the results. Don't they look sweet? They wore them to church this morning and got many 'likes' from friends : ) (beam). But did you notice the mistakes I did?

Well, for one, my toddler had a bigger head so the one button neck hole doesn't allow her head to go in when I tried it on her this morning! I did the dress late last night and didn't have time to take the exact measurement from her. Kinda hard to get her to stay still so I've used her old dress for measurement. Last minute I've got to cut the opening wider. Guess, she needs 2 buttons allowance for it to work on her.

2nd, also happen to be on my youngest girl's dress, I"ve accidentally cut the print of the cupcakes upside down for the front skirt! Yucks! It was too late to rectify as I didn't realised till I"ve done up the whole skirt! I"ll do better the next time. So, if you are cutting fabric with print, do note the alignment before you place your pattern pieces! Else you will end up like me, Ouch. It's an eye sore everytime I look at the photos : P

The fabric was light weight cotton that I bought at sale from Spotlight at $4.50 per metre. Love the cupcakes design, so sweet and cheerful.  If I have the time, maybe I'll draft out the other sizes and put them up, that is if, I've the time after my regular office work, housework, childcare, wife duty etc etc...hmmmm...


Mrs Sze said...

The cupcakes dresses are so pretty!!! So fun when you have girls ... can make adorable clothes to dress them up. Btw, I'm a mother to 2 boys :p

Eunice said...

There are lots of sewing for boys too in blogland. U should try some of those tutorials on pants and shirt : )

Emily said...

How cute are these on your pretty girls! Love the pleats and the contrast blue! I've made neckholes too small too b/c I sew when my little girl is sleeping. I also recently sewed one of the pieces of a dress on backwards (ie wrong side out) Oops. :)

Fabric Bows and More said...

Cute! Come to join our link party:

sertyan said...

Cute sisters' dresses! Didn't notice much on your mistake because the dresses are pretty!