Monday, May 16, 2011

Another pettiskirt & doodle bedsheet

Time flies. I guess as we age, time flies even faster.  Just a twinkle of my eyes and now it's May! It seems like yesterday that I was in Shanghai with my family. It reminds me that I must make the best out of each day and not live to regret it.

Finally, I did some sewing and will now post some of them.  Didn't actually got to sew much as I was so busy with work and being sick.  My whole family came down with cough and flu real serious. The baby got it first and then pass to my husband and then my eldest girl and finally me.  And then, my mother in law caught the bug from my baby and it went round and round. The whole clinic was full of people cough and sneezing! Well, I finally got better now and did a little sewing.

The handle on my beloved luggage was coming apart after the trip. Since we moved hotel every day of the tour, it had been over-handled and the fabric kinda came apart in the middle. 

So, when I was back, after unloading all the items from the luggage, I decided to sew a fabric cover over the luggage handle.  Will not be giving a tutorial for it since it's so simple.  Just measure the length of the handle and cut the fabric and sew velcro strip on the opening sides and it's done! I've used the same fabric which I've used for the camera strap.  As the handle is already padded, my fabric cover is a simple one so that the handle is not too bulky.  Nice! I'm happy with it. It's easy and functional. Try it if you have the same problem as mine. Now, I will be able to recognise my luggage way ahead on the luggage convayer belt at the airport!

The second thing that I sew was another pettiskirt for my littlest girl : ) Since she is only 15 months, I did away with the 2nd tier and just have 1 tier. It's still double layer with the 6"non-fray chiffon that I've used for her sister's pettiskirt, but shorter.  I've adjusted the length of the chiffon to make a smaller version for the baby.  I can't wait for her to try them on!

The last thing that I did was a non-sewing craft with my older girl.  We did fabric painting for her new bed sheet! When I saw the white bed sheet selling at $4.50 at Ikea, I was thinking that it would be a fun painting on them with my girl.  We use the Pentel Fabricfun Pastel Dye sticks which I bought ages ago, to draw and doodle on the bed sheet. 

It was really fun for her and she enjoyed it very much.  I"ve yet to put them on her bed but I know it will be very fun.   Want to try it at home? Get the bed sheets at Ikea. It says that it can fit 8"high bed so should be ok for any single mattress and it's so cheeeap! and of course, FUN too!

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