Friday, May 20, 2011

Padded Polaroid Pouch [3 Ps!]

My friend gave me an instant polaroid camera many years ago and I put it away in the digicabi and forgotten all about it until one day, my husband was clearing the digicabi and found it stowed away in the corner of the box.

Once we put in the batteries, it was good as new. But our films are all expired and we had to get new ones.  It's really expensive at $10 for 10 pieces! Anyway, we bought 10 just to try out the camera. My eldest girl was very excited about it and was so eager to take pictures. I must say, it was quite good for a 6 year old.

sample of what she and her daddy took.
She begged me to sew her a pouch to put her camera so that she can carry them around with the films.  So, I went to make her a padded pouch using a pre-quilted cotton fabric as the inner lining and the 1/2 pieces of the Japanese small cloth as the outer fabric. 

It's quite easy to sew as basically, it''s a drawstring pouch. I've used a pink satin ribbon instead of the normal cord. I've slightly burnt the ends of the ribbon to keep them from fraying. Added the stopper as well as a velcro strip in the opening so that the content will not fall out since it's a little girl who will be handling the fragile & bulky camera.

padded inner layer for extra protection and the velcro for extra extra protection!

just nice for the camera and a box of film!
Ok, now got to go back to my other sewing. I'm drafting a dress pattern for my girls. Finished sewing the 6T dress and now drafting the 1T dress.  Hopefully can finish sewing by Saturday and get the photo shoot up with my girls and post them by Sunday! Till then! Keep sewing : )

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