Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Zipper pencil case

Sew this under 30minutes as a gift for my girl's childcare teacher who had her birthday last Saturday. It was pretty easy. The more time consuming part was the choosing of the fabric and deciding on the size.

My girl had bought the 2 pens for her teacher and I took that size to roughly come up with the measurement of the case to be 7"X 3.5".  I'll not be doing any tutorial since there are many tutorials in the blogland on this and you can google around. But, do let me know if any of you still prefer me to do one : )

My zipper is 8"and used 0.25"" seam allowance. However, it was give and take as I use the design print on the fabric as a guide. This piece was very pretty. I got that at a shop at Chinatown. The inner layer was linen.  I"ve also attach a ring at the zipper tab for the ribbon tie.

So pretty. I shd make one for myself too...: )

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