Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Doll, doll and more dolls!

Remember the black apple doll that I made earlier for my girls? She wanted more. Much more. To be exact, 26 dolls in total! She had in mind to name them each after an alphabet. I've already made 3 earlier and their names are: Apple, Belle and Crystal!

meet Apple, Belle and Crystal!
I made her another one.
A bigger version with plaits and tights!
This one is much bigger than the previous ones and I added the plaits. So sweet. On hindsight, I shouldn't have use knit for the body cause it stretch and my dolly seems to have a big bum! Added the ruffle at waist for more variation. She looks this one.

So, I made another one for her little sister.

ponytail sweet little thing
It has a cute fringe and pony tails. A little polka dots ruffle infront added the sweetness.

Guess what, I made yet another bigger one. Talk about obsession!

The little sister loved them! She woke up the next day and hug all of them!

Did I stop there? NO! I made just one more for my little niece : ) Well, a girl can't have too much dolls right? I'm now getting so good at this one that it all done in 1 hour time! beam beam!
Thought I"ll add a detachable tutu for this one!

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