Sunday, June 19, 2011

A new shirt for Father's Day

Phew! I've finally finished it.

A new shirt for my husband. I've used the Simplicity 4760 pattern for this shirt.  This was my first attempt and I felt really happy to be able to sew it.  I would say it is relatively easy except for the collar part which needs some in dept reading of the instruction. But overall, a project for intermediate sewer like me.

Let me share some of my thoughts after I sew the shirt.  Well, I love the loop at the collar. The yoke at the shoulder area is very nice too.  It was suppose to have 2 pockets but...(You read about it below).

I chose the wrong fabric to start with. Since it was my first, I should have stick with a plain one-coloured fabric instead of the checked cotton : ( Hence, the mis-aligned pockets. It was suppose to have 2 pockets but because my shirt was misaligned and it shows real bad with the checked print, I took out one. My husband had no problem with that since he finds 2 pockets abit perculiar anyway.

When I took my husband's measurement, it was an 'L' according to the reading but the final shirt came out to be a tad too big. Hmm. I'll downgrade it to M for the next shirt then.

I would say the collar would look nicer with a collar band. The pattern didn't include one so I'll try to do one the next time.

My husband was quite pleased with his new shirt. Ï"m game to do another one soon. In the meantime,

Happy Father's Day!!

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