Thursday, June 2, 2011

It was my birthday

Sorry, for the late post cause I'm out of action to rest and relax. It was my birthday the other day and I had a great day.

Birthday has always been a special day for me. Not that I've grand celebration every year, but, it always reminds me of the pain my mother went through to gave birth to me. Especially since I'm now a mother of 2, I really want to appreciate her on this special day for her hard work. I know it may seems weird to some of you but I just feel that I should start the day with my mum before I do anything with my husband. It's not like our mothers will be with us forever. We must always value and spend time with people that we loved when there is time.

So, like a tradition that I've started with my mum a few years back, I went back home for the traditional mee sua (chinese vermicilli that we eat during our birthday) with hard boiled egg and shredded chicken. It was a peaceful time of breakfast with my parent and my husband of course. I told her I loved her and thank her for all the things she had done for me : ) Felt at peace and went off with a date with my husband which is so rare nowadays with the baby around.

We had a buffet lunch at the Carousel at Royal Plaza Hotel. It was delicious and we enjoyed stuffing ourselves with the seafood and desserts. We made a promise to not talk about the kids but just on us. The US in the relationship has kinda got lukewarm with the 2 kids and daily routine of life. Thank God for a day out with him.

Will go back to my sewing soon. Had alot of projects in mind and can't wait to get them started. Lots of gifts my my niece and nephews and kids of my church friends. Come back soon to visit.

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