Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Iris Shorts & Another Sorbetto

I'm so excited to share that I bought the Iris e-pattern from the newest Coletterie collection.

It was really easy to sew and I was thinking hard on the fabric to use.  I've made this for my sister Iris. Haha...the shorts has the same name as her!

I've used cotton lawn for this project so it was a bit light weight and sheer, so I underline it. Basically, I used a lining fabric and serged the sides/edges together so that I sew them as one piece and they will not shift as I sew.  I underline all pieces except for the waist band since it will be interface and don't need the bulk.

The instruction is really clear and I sew it up in no time. Got some difficulty with the facing at the waistband cause I was stumbled by the zipper and all but the Coletterie website had great instruction so I refer to it much. See, the concealed zipper is really concealed!

One main feature that attracted me to the shorts were the pockets. I've used the lining fabric for the pocket.

Well, a shorts is incomplete without a top, so I made her a Sorbetto using the chiffon that I've on hand.  I made a size 0 with waist at size 2.

This one goes so much faster since it's my 3rd! Since I'm using chiffon, I've used french seams to encase all the raw edges. If you are not familiar with french seams, basically, you sew the pieces Wrong side together and then turn it inside out and enclose the seams again to sew it right side facing.

I love how the stripes looks so pretty on the pleats. I've tried hard to match them when cutting.

Happy birthday Iris!

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