Sunday, July 1, 2012

Woman Ribbon Tie Shorts

I'm not someone who wear shorts out of my house.  To the beach or swimming pool is still okay but for shopping, church and dinners, I mean, culottes and bermuda are usually my limit since I'm quite conscious of my chubby legs.

But this shorts from the Cucito Early Spring 2012 issue really caught my eyes. I was so tempted to try and I reason with myself that I can wear it with a black tights. So cute and Japanese/Korean like right?

Anyway, that's what I did. There are 3 sizes and I took the L size since I'm bottom heavy. It fits just nice for me since the waist is elastic so it is not too loose either. But if you have waist bigger than 30", the L size may not fit you cause the pattern for the pants run small, as compared to their top, this is my observation from sewing so many japanese pattern.

The shorts has pockets at the back but I would have prefer it to be at the side since I'm use to putting my hands into them but maybe that would have added to the bulk at the hip area.

The shorts have additional band around the hem area so it gives it some weight and hold down the shorts. I can't figure out how they attach this band and I did it my way. I also sew down the side seams to prevent the bands from folding over due to the weight.

This is how I wore it when I went to church - with a top and dark blue tights! I think I managed to pull it off..what do you think? The shorts will match my Peter Pan collar top too!

I've also bought the Iris Shorts pattern from Colette Pattern. Bought the e-pattern online but didn't have the time to cut the fabric. So now, I think I am ready to handle another shorts!

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