Thursday, January 6, 2011


Gosh, I never knew coordinating a child birthday party can be so so tiring. Had wanted to make all the items required for the party myself but had to take short cuts and rope in hubby. Phew! Still in the midst of making her party hats and making a surprise gifts for the children coming to her party. It's alot of work and I'm only half way through, but I can see that it's going to be a beauty. I'll post the full party details after Saturday cause it's a surprise : ) (in case any of the kids' mummies are reading my post).

Well, almost every other day I had to pop in the local bookstore "Popular" to buy the card stocks or glue gun or clips etc etc. Did a round to "Spotlight" too and they are having sale now. Not sure till when but I bought some knit fabric at a steal $5/metre! I'm going to make me and my 2 girls knit dresses to wear, sometime after the party maybe.

Oh, I also did some fabric shopping at Chinatown - People's Park Centre. It was supposed to be a 5min stop over after lunch but guess what, I was stuck there for 20minutes. My hubby was quite mad at me but what can I say, I can't resist pretty fabric. Guess what I've found? Nice japanese fabric!

so pretty! $15/metre

So sweet. $16/metre
Saw these 2 japanese fabric at the back of this shop at level 2 - think the shop name is "Malin". Bought 1 metre of each as I was going to make a pouch and bag for my girl. I also bought these fat quarters at the same shop.

Then, I pop over to the shop, i think about 2 stores away, that sell nice tulle. My friends at office had asked me to teach them to sew tutu skirts for their kid/niece. There are so many colours to choose from. It's $5/yard. I've picked out 6 yards of pale pink tulle and 3 yards of pale purple tulle for my girl. Who can have too many tutu? The shop even have lining that is a steal at $2.80 per metre! I last time I bought from Spotlight was $12. So, grab 1 yard of each matching colours for the tulle as I wanted to sew the underskirt for the tulle so that the girls can wear them with it. Will be bringing my sewing machine to work tomorrow and conduct a hands-on session during lunch.

Ok, got to stop now. Back to crafting for this Sat's party. And after that, I'll do more sewing and hopefully can post some tutorials soon : )

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