Monday, January 10, 2011

Happy Birthday Girls!

I finally got a chance to update my blog. The BIG celebration for the girls' birthday was finally over and it was really chaotic, exhausting, exciting, busy busy but very very satisfying. Lots of smiles and laughters and some tears even. (well, some children were crying as they are obssessed with the toys but thank God, it was short-lived and everyone enjoyed themselves.

There's a snap shots of the happing on that day. I didn't take alot of photos as we were really swamped by the events and so many people turned up! The tutorials and links where I got the ideas are in the next post. as this may be a rather long one...

The theme of the day was "Toy Party" so we brought out alot of toys and set up games at different corners for the children.  My girl has requested to have blue, pink and green as the colour theme. So I've used the 3 colours and design an invitation cards for her schoolmates and church friends that she invited.

We did a mad rush to finish up the last touch to the chalkboards which we are giving to the children.

My hubby did the 3 pom pom flowers deco in pink, blue and green and tie them on top of the children tables as the centre piece. Don't they look beautiful? I've rented children tables and chairs from the caterer - Smiling orchid. It was a good thing as we had more than 30 children running around. I've placed some marsmallows and chocolate in the 3 colour shades in the middle. Oh, I also later added the potato chips which were a great hit with the kids and adults alike.

closeup of the pompom flowers
Oh, I've clip the photos of my 2 girls from birth till now as a growth charts. The grandmas, aunts and friends who had known the girls were admiring the photos and talking about the past when they recall those memories. It was a nice touch to the glass wall that is also a backdrop of the kids buffet table.

closeup on the photo garland
 I've used 3M post-it pad in pink and green to form the words 'Happy Birthday'. Had intend to sew or cut the letters but really had no time. Anyway, I don't think I'll use them next year, so I just use a marker and write out the letter on each piece and stick them on the glasswall.

I've placed the names of my 2 girls as backdrop at the back of the room and arrange the chalkboards at the right corners. The snow white pinata is a special request from my girl which was quite expensive. I bought them at Leisure Park level 2, one of the gift shop at $25? I can't really recall the prize. At first I thought it would be very tramatic for the children to hit Snow White but realised that it was a pull-pinata. So there are many strings attached at the bottom of the pinata and the children take turn to pull one string at a time. Only one lead to the key to pull out the tab for the sweets and goodies to fall out. So, I'll be passing this to my sister for her to organise her daughter's coming birthday party. 

As there are boys and girls coming to the party, age ranging from 3 to 7 years, I had to prepare games to entertain all. So this is what I did in line with the party theme.

I've placed large 'majong' papers ontop of the children tables and brought out a big set of drawing pens/markets/crayons for those who like to draw to doodle on the table. It was quite nice to see the girls flocking to draw their art.

Here's the beyblade corner where my girl was stuck there with they boys. I had no idea why children here like it so much. They were all shouting 'I challenge you', 'I win' etc etc.  For those who are as clueless as me as to what beyblade is, it is actually a modern-day spinning top toy. Some of the children brought their beyblade and there was an intense competitions among them throughout the whole party. As with all competitions, there was some tears and angry words but all soon was resolved.

Beyblade corner
Some prefer to build things at the Lego corner. I brought out a whole box and they had fun fixing them to cars, toys and houses.
lego corner
And I've prepared something special for those who like puzzle. A tinker bell and toy story theme puzzle. I've used a 3M board that is gives temporary self-adhesive as a board and the children sorted out the cut-up puzzle and stick them on the board. Since it was removable, they can easily pull them out if it's wrong and stick them back again. I've printed the picture from on thicker paper and cut them into 6 pieces. It was suppose to be a game between 2 teams but the boys were too engaged in their beyblade and ignore my plead. But it was still a hit with the girls.
puzzle corner

This is another picture of the children playing the beyblade at the far corner and the girls doodling at the tables.

By the way, if you are thinking about ordering from Smiling Orchid, the Cupcake station is a hit with the kid. This is part of the kids tea menu. They provided cupcakes, cream and toppings. So the children had fun putting their own toppings and that brought some temporary peace as they queue up to decorate their cupcakes.

And how can I forget the birthday cake. It was really beautiful. We had a great time taking picture of it unless we tasted it. sigh. It was a tad too dry for my liking. I took the tiara from the cake and we had fun taking picture with it.

And lastly, birthday presents!

Happy birthday my darlings! Love you much much much : )

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