Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy 2011!

Can't believe that it's 2011 already. Since my last post, I've been rather busy.

Had not been sewing much lately cause I'm focus on preparing for my daughters' birthday bash this Sat.  Finished the alphabet for their names that I'll display.

Book the tea reception for the kids party. It's abit expensive but it save the hassle of me running around with the cooking and running the show. It's from Smiling Orchid Kids Tea party set at $10 per pax. So, I'll still be ordering some Fried Bee Hoon (noodle) and sandwiches for the adults. One thing about not choosing the regular menu is that the kids usually don't eat much of the dishes so finger food might be better.

Bought a Snow White pinata for her as she couldn't take her eyes of it when we went to buy a birthday present for my friend's son last week. It was from a gift shop at Leisure Park at level 2.  I'll need to buy some sweets and little things to stuff them in before the party.

Oh, also order a cake for her. It's a Princess tiara cake. Did a few surveys on the net. Was deciding if I should go for e-creative, cupcake momma or cherylshuen (which I did order last year but it was really very X $200+). This cake that I order from Sweetest Moment is a 10" cake costing $99.
only order the cake, hope that it'll looks as nice as the picture

so nice right. pity that they are not available one the day that I need : (
Oh, how she has grown from a tiny baby to a big 6 now. My baby is almost 1.

Big sister at 3 months

my baby is all grown up!

the day the 2 sisters met!

11 months later...


Webmaster said...

You are super great mother. I am so proud of you.

Eunice said...

Well, I don't think I've done well. So many things I wish I could have done better if I've a chance to relive my life, but, life's like that. We'll always have regrets and tears. But it's the hope of a better tomorrow that keeps us going right? : )

zeeoice said...

my friends say the 2 girls are so cute!!! hee