Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I'm back briefly while on my spring cleaning break!

Did you guys missed me on the blog? I was busy cleaning up my house for the coming Chinese New Year. Managed to finish the study-cum-sewing room this morning and went on to tidy up the Master bedroom. Only left the boxes to clear at the baywindow and I"m done. Have promised my girl that I'll clean up her room tomorrow. Yet to pack the new toys she received from her birthday! gasp.

If you are wondering how I get the time to do the spring cleaning. Well, actually I'm on medical leave since yesterday for 3 days. Had a major dental surgery yesterday that left me in tears and shed lots of blood. Okay, I'm not going in to the details cause it may freak you out. But I was in lots of pain. Took alot of pain killer. Cleaning up the house was good since it take my mind off the pain when I'm concentrating on other matters.

The reason why I took so long to clear up my study room was because I'm also sorting out the photos. We really took alot of photographs of my first girl but the second one really pales in comparison. I felt so guilty that I've 'neglected' her so.  My friends told me that this is really common for the 2nd child but I still feel very bad about it. Even though I carried my camera along with me everyday, I didn't really took much picture of her. For 2011, as she is now officially 1 year old, I will make a new year resolution to take more picture of her so that she can show her friends in future during her wedding dinners. I'm not sure about other countries but here in Singapore, the bride and groom usually will flash video of their childhood photos. It'll be really sad if there are too few a choice for her to make for this occasion.

Oh, want to look my my new table from Ikea?  It is really nice and is just the right size for both me and my husband. Not ideal but good for now. Notice my Singer sewing machine on the table and the serger on the side pedestral? I'm happy that I've a proper working space, even if this a shared table. I'll keep the laptop when I'm working with my sewing machines. If you are wondering what's that black thing next to my sewing machine, that's my hubby's computer monitor draped in a Monster versus Alien Monitor covering that came along when he bought the PC! The stacks of CDs next to it is waiting for him to sort and decide which ones to go and which to keep.

The table is Ikea's Galant table top (120m) with A legs. We chose the A legs over the T legs as this occupy less space and it has the choice of chrome instead of the dull silver coloured ones.  Did you see the floor protector below? It's also from Ikea's Colon Floor protector.  As we will be using a chair with rolling wheels, we thought it would be good to have the protector so that we will not scratch the parquet floor.

Well, since I'm still in the midst of cleaning up, no sewing. Have been itching to do some sewing but really can't find the time. The pain killer that I took may have some caffine in it cause I felt very energetic and not sleepy at all. So, that's why I'm taking a short break to update the blog. I felt so accomplished when I did all the clean up all my myself. My hubby did the ferrying of the girl to school and helped me to carry the toyogo boxes of the unwanted items to the store room. Thrown away lots of items. I realised that you can't really clean up without throwing away tons of things. There's a limit to how much you can hide in a tiny room with limited shelves.

So hopefully the next time I post, I'll have some sewing projects to show. : )

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