Monday, January 17, 2011

Spring cleaning in progress

Realised that it's been 1 week since my last post. I've really tried hard to post something every week but last week was really impossible. I had to do spring cleaning for my house.  In Singapore, when we approach the Chinese New Year or Lunar New Year, it's a very busy month for the Chinese as we had to spring clean our house and buy lots of goodies and decorate our house. This is similar to the Christmas season but an oriental way.

So, last week we started our spring cleaning after my girls birthday party. It started from the study room and we are still stuck at that stage. Threw away our old bookcases as we really are hard pressed for space. It was sad to bring down the books as I love my books. We filter all the books and decided that books we love and would most likely to read to be reallocated to another book case while others are either brought to the office as reference books or thrown away (sob sob) or given away (not too bad if they are needed). I've a whole set of Inital D comic books which some are still in their plastic cover. It's really a pity to throw them away. Anyone interested?

But the good news is we have bought a new table from Ikea for our PC and my 2 sewing machines! Yeah! Althought the serger is placed at the corner, but it's ok since I'll bring them our when I need to. At least it's better than the dining table. : )

So I guess I'll be very busy with the spring cleaning till next week. So, not much sewing or crafting. But I'll definitely finish up 2 sewing projects for my colleagues at work. I've promised them to sew a TV cover and a tutu lining skirt for another colleague's daughter. Need to get them done before the Chinese New Year so that they can put them on for the celebrations.


zeeoice said...

I want the comics & books! hahaha!

Eunice said...

okok. It's yours! : )