Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas tree ornaments

Next up on the list is some fabric ornaments for the Christmas tree.

This year, I decided to make some fabric ornaments to supplement the Christmas ornaments that I have. I made some doves and hearts with colorful fabric scraps that I've accumulated.  I also use some of the nice existing prints on the fabric and just sew around them and attach ribbons.

They are so colorful and cheery right?

A closer look at some of them.

Here's how the tree looks when all are hung up with the lights and all! I bought the paper reindeers and the sliver hearts string up from Ikea.

This one is my girl's favorite. It was a scrap from her blanket project.

How's your christmas sewing coming along?

This year, I'll take my time to savour the seasons and enjoy the sewing process. Last year, I was so busy that I missed the joy of sewing and spending times with my family. Sad right? I lost sight of the important things to do the urgent things. So I hope I can get it right this year.

Enjoy sewing and take time with your loved ones too : )

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