Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Colourful Coasters

I did it! In my last post I mentioned that you can use fabric scraps to make coasters and that is exactly what I did! If you follow my blog, you will recognize some of the fabric from my past projects. It's the color beautiful?

I've made these as Christmas gifts for my friends at the office. They are so easy to make and I churn out those in one night.  These are some of my favorites

If you like to try making one, just grap some of those scraps lying around and cut them up. The size is up to you but mine measure 4" X 4".

Some simple instruction
1) Place the centre piece (right side face down) onto the wrong side of the coaster front.  The centre piece need not be the same size as your coaster but as large as the face you want to show.  I try to position it in the centre and just sew around it in various shapes like hearts, square, circle, leaf etc. I sew twice around.

2. After that, place the 2 pieces of coaster (right side facing) and sew around leaving a 3" gap for turning.

3. Cut out the coaster fabric inside the centre piece that you've sewn using a sharp scissor.  Your beautiful fabric will show through! Need not be precise but be careful not to cut the back.

4. Insert the batting and sew up the opening.  Edge stitch around the 4 sides and once around the pattern in the middle so that the batting don't move.  And you are done!

Some more of the delicious coasters!

Merry Sewing everyone!

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