Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas cushions

Remember that Christmas Placemats that I made in my earlier post? I've some left over fabric and decided that they will make 2 nice cushions for my sofa. It will add the Red and Christmasy feeling to the room. 

I didn't really have alot of fabric to work with so one cushion has an envelope opneing at the back while the other have fabric ties at the side.

I just use the existing cushion cover for the measurement and cut up the fabric. All in all, 1 hour is what it takes to make these 2.

I love how the Red brighten up the place immediately. If I've more of them, I'll make them into dining chairs cover to complement my placemat but oh well, the cushion is still a nice touch.

A suggestion for you with left over Christmasy fabric, you can use the scrap to make coasters, napkins and even Christmas tree ornaments!

Gotta go to sew more gifts...

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