Saturday, December 24, 2011

Go! Baby Fabric Cutter

I finally got this one after seeing so many of the cute projects that this little baby can do.

I bought from Amazon instead of the lower price Fabric Hut cause Amazon provides free local shipping so it's slightly more cheaper overall. Like my purchase, I use VPost for shipping to Singapore. I wish we have this in Singapore and I didn't have to spent so much on shipping : (

To save on shipping, I combine some more shopping like few dies: Circles, Hearts and Rose of Sharon.  

Some Cutting Mats to go with my dies.  Just a note to all who are thinking of buying the cutter, you got to buy the cutting mat that goes with your dies. The dies come in different sizes so but careful to get the right ones!

 So, what did I do with the machine? Well, I can't resist the felt flowers that Jess did so I made some for the little girls for Christmas! These are hairbands with elastic bands to tie round the hair. I used some felt that I got some time ago from Diaso.  Elastic bands also from Diaso.

Jess did a fantastic tutorial at her blog. For cutting of the felt flowers, I hesitated a first as I didn't know if I should lay the felt over the whole dies but it will be wasteful as I don't need some of the pattern.  I've used the Rose of Sharon for the flower petals.  This is what I did.

First, cut the felt slightly bigger than the pattern that you want.  I wanted the 2" flower at the bottom right hand side of the die so I put a 2.5" square felt completely cover over the pattern that I want. I tried putting 2 pieces and it's ok. 4 pieces will be too thick and my felt shifted under the cutting mat.

Then, place the cutting mat over the die. Your cutting mat should be same size as your die so it should cover completely.

Place the die and cutting mat into the slot of the Go! Baby machine like so. It should fit nicely. You can turn the wheel and see your die going under the machine.

Once it goes through completely to the other side, open up the cutting mat and retrieve your cut felt! So exciting to see the beautifully cut felt flowers!

You can try Jess's tutorial and hot glue them to clips, hairbands or make some brooch.  I've made some clips.

Some modest simpler version for adults like me!

I cut up some card stock and clip the clips on to send out as gifts!

So pretty and easy! Especially so if you have the machine. Really saved me lots of time.

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Thriftyideastoday said...

Love the hair clips. I have the Go and many dies. Love it.