Thursday, January 5, 2012

Cheery Cushion Covers

My sister had asked me to make her some cushion covers to brighten up her room.  Her sofa was deep red and she wants some bright and cheery cushions.

So, I went shopping again at Spotlight and saw some beautiful home deco fabric that I think will just fit her requirements.  She didn't want floral print or polka dots. But I managed to convince her that Big Polka Dots in bright colors will work and I'm right : )

delicious tangerine orange

refreshing green lemonade
Bought 1 meter of each color and made 6 of these cute and cheery cushion covers! They are simple to make. Each 16" by 16" with envelope back.

And, how can I leave out my little tags?

The cushions will welcome her guests for the coming Lunar New Year and I'm glad she loves them.

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