Friday, January 13, 2012

Musketeer No. 2

Well, if you have 2 girls at home, you gotta have 2 of the same kind or else!

Made this one shortly after the first one to satisfy the little sister that she too is a Musketeer like her sister.

Her's was in purple satin with lots of velvet hearts, light pink ruffles and gold trims.

This is the back view. You may wonder why the 3 flowers behind that didn't seem to gel in with the overall Musketeer look. Well, I accidentally cut a big hole behind when I tried to serge the seam! It's my fault for trying to rush through the garment while having a conversation with the older girl.

But the 3 fabric flowers look so cute anyway. I've used my Go! Baby cutter for this job and phew! It did save me lots of work and since Liquid Gold don't fray, I guess this will work too. 

For the sleeves, I used Liquid Gold in deep purple and gather a little at the top and left the ends raw since it don't fray.

Like the sister's version, I've used some nylon tulle with velvet hearts for the centre piece and framed them with the Liquid Gold in light Pink ruffles and gold trim.

She looks so adorable in them. 

And the 2 sisters went twirling around the house in their new dresses!

Oh! Did I mention that her birthday was just 3 days after her big sister? Pardon me. I was trying to rush that dress out for her birthday.

Don't she looks so sweet? I bought her a little Powerpuff girl cake since she will just play with them. 

Happy 2nd Birthday little one!


Hazeline said...

Your girls look so pretty in this dress!

Eunice said...

Thanks! : )