Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Musketeer in the Making..

If you have little girls at home, you will sure to see this show - Barbie and the Three Musketeers.  My girl had most of the Barbie series DVD and this is one of her recent favorite. 

She had asked for me to make her one of these costumes but I've always said it's too complicated and who make costumes in Singapore nowadays? Singaporeans usually will rent or buy them off the shelves. But it's kinda expensive and we don't really have any special occasion to wear them.

But it all change when I saw this at LiEr's blog. She's amazing and I've been following her crafts and sewing for some time now. I'm always amazed at her creativity and read in awe how she can transform a simple cardboard into fantasy. 

So I challenge myself to make them for my girls.  My older one wants the green one and she asked for the purple one for her little sister.  So, we went shopping at Arab Street for satins and chiffon.  

Here's how my version looks like. 

I also use Liquid Gold in pink and green chiffon for the ruffles at the sleeves and front panel.  Bought this at a steal from Spotlight at $2.20 per meter!

The stars nylon tulle was laid onto the green chiffon and I serged the 4 edges and sew them to the sides ruffles.  

The gold trim was from Simplicity range of fabric ribbons that I got from Spotlight. One roll of the trim last me one dress. I used them on the front top bodice as well as behind and the sleeve ends.

Like the movie version, there's detachable long skirt that are velcro-ed on and can be double up as cape when detached...

.... to reveal this short cute dress!

I made the dress just in time for her to wear them on her birthday lunch with my family.

Happy 7th Birthday my little girl!

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