Monday, May 21, 2012

Art Smock

I've long since want to make this when I saw them on many of the Japanese sewing book. It's useful since it's like a tunic that pull over the head and with the long sleeves, there is no worry that the kids will dirty their clothes.

I was browsing through one of my favorite magazine Cucito.

And then, I saw this art smock.

Find the similarity? Yup! I got the exact same fabric. Bought this polyester fabric from Daiso for $2 but it is only 70cm X 100cm or 27" by 39" so it was not enough to sew up the full smock. Just enough to cut out the front and back. 

So I went back to Daiso thinking of getting one more. But that color was out of stock! So I decided to get the blue and white stripe available there, thinking maybe it will still looks good with the mix. And I'm glad I did.

I think the mix of print makes the animal print pop up more.  It was really easy with only 3 pattern pieces - front, back and sleeves.  Add elastic to the neckline and sleeves and you are done.

The pattern calls for bias tape around the neckline to be use to enclose the seams as well as using it as a casing for the elastic band! smart.

So now, she is safe to play with the paint and messy stuff! 

It looks so cute on her. Maybe I should just sew up a few more for kids of my friends.


Joey said...

I never know Daiso carries cute fabric. Next time I will open my eyes.

Eunice said...

Oh, they do carry some sewing fabrics and notions. I always browse the items and sometimes score some quite fabric covered buttons and fabric. Love the ones at PS.

Pam said...

LOVE the combination of fabrics!!! Using the bias tape to enclose the elastic is a good idea. A great looking and practical art smock, which looks comfortable to wear, too.

zalak tripathi said...

Do you make it to order?