Tuesday, May 1, 2012

My last sewing for KCWC

I've not done a lot of sewing for this round of KCWC. Only managed to make 2 knit tops, 3 hats (yes, I made 2 more after that. Will share a quick tips on sewing it up really quick and easy soon) and lastly, 2 swim suits.

Much as I wish to be more productive, I was tired from work.  The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak : (

Anyway, here's my last piece of work for KCWC.  A tankini with attached skirt! 

A tankini with skirt

My older girl refused to wear the traditional kind cause she said she is conscious of her backside. So I had to make her a tankini with a little skirt.

Nowadays, I can't just stop at one. Gotta have the same kind for little sister, or else!

A mini version for little sister

The 2 are quite identical except the difference in the way the straps cross at the back. 

I really love the bright colors. Got the lycra ruffle fabric from Chinatown.  Since I had originally had in mind to only make 1, it is a challenge to squeeze out 2 using only 3/4 yard.

And of course I made them matching panties to go with their new suits! I didn't want to attach the pants to the suit as I hope they are still able to go toilet in the midst of playing in the pool without having to struggle out from wet swim suits.

For my older girl, I adjusted a one-piece swim suit pattern and make reference from one of her pantie. Added the ruffle skirt around. Little sister's was from Dana's diaper cover tutorial, except that I added the ruffles. 

I'll share more on how to in my next post. Still on my sewing table is one shorts for me and a skirt for the little one. Come back soon.

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