Monday, April 23, 2012

2012 KCWC Day 1

I started the KCWC with a knit top. 

In fact, I made 2!

Shall we love at the details?

The first top is for my 2 year old. I took the pattern from a Japanese sewing book that has a lot of cute knit sewing projects. 

I love the details at the back which I've used a contrasting knit fabric with cheerful animal prints.

I also love the curve hem of the knit Tee that makes the shape so fitting.

Here's my girl wearing the her new tee.  The fit is just nice!

For the other tee, I took the pattern from another japanese sewing pattern book. It is less fitting and had button details on the shoulders.  It has some pleats on shoulder so the sleeve is a little puffy.

She loves her new tee.

So does her sister.

I glad the sisters love their new tees.

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