Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I broke my fabric fast!

I'm ashamed of myself. I just couldn't resist the temptation of pretty fabric that is just so within my budget! I mean, I did tried reasoning with myself to use the existing stash but with the KCWC and the purchase of so many nice paper patterns, I realised that I had very little apparal fabric to sew with. Or is this an excuse?!

Oh well, I just dropped by Chinatown to see if there's anything that worth buying since I really do need to have some plain fabric for my dress since most of my stash consist of quilting cotton with lots of print.
Then, I stumbled on these at my regular store (Malin) selling at $3 per yard! I can't pass by a good deal.

blue chiffon

green cotton? with some sheen

blue floral print cotton

In that same store, I bought some heavy weight knit for a knit dress that i'm planning. This is the best alternative I got since they don't have double knit which the pattern called for.

At another store, diagonally opposite Malin, managed by one elderly couple, which is another reason why I patronise them, I bought some cute knits and cotton lawn. The knit has nice colour and print which is quite rare in Singapore as I seldom come across nice print that is selling at $6 per yard! I needed to make some T-shirts for the coming KCWC so I dropped them into my shopping bag.

green and yellow floral knit

Japanese cotton lawn with lace details in soft pink.  
Don't they look nice as children dress?

close up look at the details
 You would have thought that's the end of my shopping journey? Well, my engine has just started!
Proceed on, I walked pass another store along the corridor and found this cute pink fabric that has nice eyelet details with cute print. They also have the print in baby blue. Since the old lady at the store offered $5 per yard, I bought 1 yard, thinking it will make a nice skirt for the girls...(She had tried to offer me $9 for 2 yards but I resisted since I don't really need so much)

Okay, then I planned to just walk one last round to complete my tour of all the fabric stores at level 2... and I stumbled upon some lycra. A light bulb went up in my head that say "Hey! you need them to make some swim suit for the girls!".  I've seen lots of tutorials on the blogland on how to sew children swim suits so I had always wanted to try. But the lycra at Spotlight was selling at $30 a metre! I can buy a ready-made one for lesser than that! I had almost consider ordering online but I can't touch the lycra and don't know the quality.  The store, near the escalator, was selling the 4-way stretch black lycra with white polka dots at $13 per yard. I also bought 1/2 yard of skin-coloured lycra for lining.

Then, I turn my back and saw this nice pink ruffled lycra! Why didn't I see it in the first place! Argghhh...So, I bought another 3/4 yard...since it's more expensive at $15 per yard. 

There are so much more fabric that I wanted to buy but I had to say No to myself since my hands are already carrying 4 bags full of fabric! Gotta run out of here or else my eyes will fail me again.

So, now I got to make good of my promise to use my fabric before I go out there again with my wallet. I'm so happy with my purchase. Got more reasons to sew more now!

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