Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Dresses - A One Yard Wonder!

Happy Easter!  

How was your day? I was feeling tired but happy. Just because I finished the girls' Easter dresses last night, or to be exact, this morning!

Remember that cute 1 yard pink cotton that I bought from Chinatown? For record, I use it all to make one scallop tunic for my older girl and one scallop pinafore for my younger one! I'm so happy that I can make 2 items with just 1 yard! I think I break my own record. 

scallop pinafore with ribbons
Matching the print to get the best mileage from the print and also to try to differentiate both designs are a bit of a challenge but I'm glad of the end results.  I love how both looks similar but are different. 

Since it's holiday today, I'll not be sharing the tutorial.  If you are interested to see how I did it, come back again next week and I'll do a 'show and tell' : ) 

Or, if you are in Singapore, drop by Chinatown to get that cute fabric ($5 per yard) and you can do a sew along with my tutorials. I promise it is quite easy.  Each outfit just takes me 1/2 yard.  My girls are skinny 7 year old and plump 2 year old so you can take the hint from there on the yardage to buy.

See ya next week!

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What a lovely kids! Happy Easter! Thanks for sharing your post.