Thursday, April 26, 2012

KCWC Day 2/3

I know it's a Kids Clothes Sewing but a hat is also consider clothing sewing? No? 

My little girl is in need of a hat to cover her little head as she got thin hair and I'm worried the effect of the scorching sun will burnt her scalp.  I need one that provide enough coverage for even her ears. 

So, I went to search through my (growing) sewing books and found the Reversible bucket hat pattern from oliver + s.  I bought the book "little things to sew" some time back and didn't have time to sew anything from it yet. I would love to sew the tutu skirt, penguin bag pack and  red riding hood some days too.

Anyway, measure her head circumference and sew up the Size S.  The instruction is very clear with illustration.  I'll be doing one more for the older one soon since it's so cute!  I've used cotton from my stash for this small project.  Pink with polka dots and fuchsia with polka dots on the reverse side.

 Since I only managed to finish this late at night, Dora will do the modeling for me! Nice size : )

For this round of KCWC, I'm taking it easy cause I'm really tied up at my full time work. The past week was crazy with me staying late at work. But I do plan to do some more kids sewing for KCWC, even though it will be much lesser than the 7 pieces of clothing I did last year. 

Next up, hopefully, I will be able to sew up some swim suits! Stay tune   

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Joey said...

I want to make a hat for my gal too.. argh!! I am so swamp by projects!