Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Dresses for dolls

I really love the Oliver + S book on 'Little Things to Sew' as the projects instructions are so clear and the end results are so pretty. But it does takes time though cause there are many details in sewing the project which makes the final product really professional looking.
I wanted to sew some doll clothes for my girls' dolls since they look so pathetic with the lone costume that comes with it. I measure the height of the dolls and went ahead to sew up the doll clothes from the book.
The dress came up so pretty with the mix of colours. But it didn't fit! My doll, even though says 18" tall, was too fat to squeese in the clothes. Thank godness the 16" doll can wear it, even though it was slightly long. I think I got to customise the doll clothes then. I've not even sew up the buttons yet.
To make up for my mistakes, I made elastic-band skirt for the rest of the dolls so that they have skirts, not realising that 2 of the dolls are actually boys. I really fail as a mum : (

So, need to sew up some pants soon before all the dolls have identify crisis!

Anyway, I also sew up a wrap skirt for my girl which she prefer to use it as a cape. Just some random photos. Enjoy!

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