Saturday, May 19, 2012

Tapered chiffon top

I'm so pleased with this tapered chiffon top that I made using a yard chiffon that I got on sale from chinatown at $3. It was a steal cause the blue chiffon was so pretty.
Since chiffon does fray alot, I decided to use french seams to treat all the seams.  For the neckline and sleeve, I fold over twice and enclose the raw edges.

I especially like the way I tried to match the checked lines on the chiffon. Added the small pocket in front since it appears to be on most chiffon tops that I saw in the shop. Next time, I'll make it bigger though.

For the hem, I did a rolled hem using my serger since I was having trouble sewing the curvy edge.

I cut the front to be shorter than the back so that it will have a tapered effect.  I wish I had made it longer behind. Oh well, nex time then.  Oops, I looks so awkward! 

Didn't follow any pattern for this as I trace my existing top for this.  I'll be making another version of this with a longer tapered back and more loose fitting to have a flowy effect.  

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