Sunday, July 17, 2011

Baby Bloomer and pants

When I did the pajama pants for my elder girl, I decided to make some pants for the younger toddler. Since I've 2 kids, I always try to be fair and make things for both. Well, it's nice to see them excited about wearing clothes that mummy sew.

As a no. 2, she has lots of hand-me-down from her bigger sister and my friends whose girls have outgrown their clothes. So, she has lots of pants but not alot of diaper covers or bloomers. I decided to make one, copied from an existing one that she already has. Bloomer is a short pants that has elastic band at the waist and leg opening and usually it's around the knee area. It'll compliment the tops that she has.

It's really easy if you are comfortable with sewing with thin strip of elastic bands. Ready to try?

For a tall 18 month toddler
Waist = 16" (included diaper allowance)
Length from waist to crotch = 10"
Width of leg opening = 12"

Light cotton fabric
0.25" width elastic for waist area (16" long)
0.25" width elastic for leg area (2 pc of 10" each)

Cutting Instruction
1. Fold the fabric Right Side Together and cut out 2 folded rectangle of 9" X 12.75". [note, when you open out the rectangle, it should fully measure 18" X 12.75"].
2. Then cut off a triangle at the bottom corner of the fabric that is 2" by 2" to make the crotch. Do the same for the other piece.

Sewing Instruction
1. Sew the crotch area together, Right Side Facing, starting from the middle and down to the bottom, using 3/8" seam allowance. Do the same for the other piece.

2. Serge the crotch seams individually as well as the leg holes.  Press open the seams.

3. Fold up 0.25"of the leg hole and press.  Sew close to the edge.

4. Pin the 10" elastic band round the leg hole starting from the inseam area, about 0.5" away from the edge of the hem.

First, put the needle down at the beginning of the elastic band and then pull the band taut. Pull and sew as you go round the leg hole. Make sure that your batch stitch when you sew and back stitch again when you end.  Do the same for the other leg hole.

5. Turn one piece Right Side In and the other Right Side Out. Put the Right Side Out piece into the Right Side In piece, align seams. That means, Right Side of both pieces face each other.

6. Pin and sew the inseams together. Turn it Right Side out and you have your bloomer!

7. For the elastic band waist, serge the waist band and fold in 0.5".  Press and sew a straight stitch around the waist near the edge, leaving 1" gap for inserting of elastic band.

8. Overlap 0.5"of the band and do a zig zag stitch to close the elastic band.

9. Push the band back in to the waist band and pull it taut. Sew the gap close and you have your bloomer!

By the way, I sew her a pants too. But, it didn't fit my girl so I gave it to my friend's baby boy. It's a bit long but size should fit eventually. The fabric is from Spotlight. Looks so cute for a boy don't you think?

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