Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Diaper Cover

After making a few dresses for my girls, I realised that there's something missing.  Can you guess it? Clue - disposable diaper peeping out of her dress when she sits.

Yes! A diaper cover of course.  When I saw the perfect diaper cover tutorial by Dana, I know I've to try it. The tutorial is free and even with the pattern pieces for 4 sizes up to 24 months!

I took the 12-24 month pattern for my 18 month toddler and the size is just right with the diaper in : ) But I took out some length from the elastic as my girl is not as cubby.  Took 2" out for the waist and 1" out for the leg hole.

I't's super easy and fast. Love her instruction. Yes, the leg hole part could be quite tricky. I got it almost right at the third piece.  Just pull and adjust as you go will be the right thing to do.

I churned out 3 in one afternoon! hehehe...See for yourself here!

1 , 2 , 3!

with my label of course : )

Close up on the 3 covers

this one will make any dress red, pink or green!

this one will match her red checked dress

this one will go with her cupcake dress and crysanthmum dress
Try it! Churn out as many as you want. It's super super fast : )

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