Thursday, July 28, 2011


Have you seen one of these on blogland? First saw it here. Her kid was so adorable and I immediately wanted to make one for my girl. But then, had too many projects in mind and didn't take it up until recently. When my 2 colleagues came back to work after their maternity leave, I decided to finally make one for them and for my girl. 2 girls and 1 boy.

If you follow Jess's tutorial, it is really simple and you don't really need a sewing machine to finish up the job. Just print out the pattern piece, cut both the front and back fabric together and finish up the edge with bias tapes.

I'm not sure if it's me but the pattern was a tad too small for my 18 months. It was ok for my colleagues 6 months old baby though. So, I use free hand to draw a bigger pattern from the original design. Just that you will need to also adjust the length of the bias tapes so that it fits for the bigger size.

It took me less than 1hour to finish up the 2 baprons. Cutting the pattern and pinning the long bias tapes took the longer time. For the blue car bapron, I use ready made bias tape. For the pink ones, I made my own since I don't have one in that colour. How I wish I've the Simplicity's bias tape machine but sadly, it is not available here in Singapore and Amazon wouldn't ship in for me : ( Anyone got any idea how to get it shipped to Singapore??

It is a good design and perfect for my active toddler who wouldn't keep a bib in place. The ties at the back helps to keep it in place as she keeps pulling the regular velcro type off.

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