Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Top for me

After sewing so much for my kids, I finally had time to sew 2 tops for myself.  A cape and a Baby Doll blouse. Both patterns from Christine Haynes's Chic & Simple Sewing.

What I enjoyed about the book is the beautiful photographs and the flexibility of changing the design using the same pieces.  For example, the circle skirt pattern is cleverly adapted to become a cape which I thought is very creative. But I felt that the instruction given is really too brief and there is not enough picture to guide a new sewers. So, it's assume that you should have some background in sewing in order to visualise the concept. But I admit that I do enjoy the projects and if you are looking for some ideas to drive you to a certain project, you can purchase the book.  I bought it from Kinokuniya at Orchard for S$43.44.  Quite expensive but it's hard cover and all the pattern pieces are given in full size.

This is what my cape looks like. 

I've adapted abit here as I didn't have enough fabric so it was only 17" long at the side instead of the recommended 21.5".  So, mine ended up didn't have the 2 slits that allow the arms to come through since it was short enough.

But it's very nice and my friends in office were very surprised how good it looks.  The fabric is a Suiting fabric bought from Spotlight at $14.95 per metre.

I also did the Baby Doll Blouse. Fabric is Tea for Two Cross Stitch that I got from Fabric.com.

Took the M size pattern and it was slightly big around the underarm. Should have have taken out 2" from both side so that it'll not be too wide. I feel like I can hide a chicken inside. But it was really nice and I'll definitely do another one with the moderated adjustment.  Love the gathered yoke on this top.

oops! please ignore the crumpled top. Didn't have time to iron after I took it out from the dryer.

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jean said...

nice! i like the cape and the baby doll top :)