Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Floral Tote bag

Ikea is really the place for bag fabric. I've made yet another tote bag with the fabric from Ikea.

This one was picked out by my mother in law. She asked me to sew her a big tote bag so that she can put in her bag and take it out when she needed a bigger bag for all her shopping. She requested for a zip on this one.

Front view

Front pocket

Zipper on bag
I basically did the same method as the messenger bag but only adjusted the bag size and handle straps differently. This one has a lining and zipper instead of a flap. 

I applied the zipper only after I've top-stitched the bag as I've clean forgotten that she wanted a zip. But anyway, managed to insert the zipper thought the edge are visable instead of hidden in the seam.  But, you can't really see it from the outside.  Sigh..if you happen to do the same mistake as me, you can try my last minute zipper insertion method.

Sewing the zipper on bag (on hindsight)
1. Cut 4 strip of fabric the slightly longer (about 0.5") than the zipper and about 1.5" wide each.

2. Fold in (0.25") the short edge of the each strip to the wrong side and iron flat. Your strips should now be the same size as your zipper.

3. Lay one strip Right Side Facing up and place zipper facing down on top of the strip. Align zipper to the edge of the fabric along the side. Then place the 2nd strip (Right Side Facing Down) on top of zipper, align edge. Pin and sew the full length of zipper sandwich using the zipper foot.

3. Do the same for the other 2 strips on the other side of zipper.  You can zig zag or serged the other raw edges so that it will not fray so much.

your strips is now nicely sandwiching the zipper on both sides
 4. To insert zipper to the finished bag, just pin the fabric with zipper attached to the opening of the bag, align the edge.  Sew a straight stitch along the bag opening to secure the zipper. Make sure that both sides of zipper are align else you can't  close your zipper well.  Test out the zipper before you sew to check.   See photo above on the zipper on bag for illustration.

And you are done with the bag.

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