Thursday, August 4, 2011

Colours of Rainbow!

Bought this from Spotlight last Sat and

made this...

I was inspired by this skirt . It was love at first sight. I'm definitely going to make one for myself soon.
It has a box pleat infront and gathered elastic band behind. I only made 1 pleat in the middle.

A closer look at the pleat

Simple Instruction for the Skirt
It's made from a rectangle piece of fabric sewn at side seam. It's quite simple so I'll just do a brief write up.

You can use the same measure of a simple skirt.  Decide which is the front facing and put a pin to the middle centre line in front.  Fold in 3" at left and right from centre line of skirt to make the pleat. (You can make it any size you want cause the elastic band at the back will adjust the waist by itself later).  Sew a basting stitch to secure.

Then, fold in about 0.75" (depending on the width of your elastic band) throughout the whole waistline at front and back.  Press and sew a straight stitch near to the serged edge of the folded waistband to make the casting for the elastic band. Just make sure that you leave an opening at the side seam of the skirt to insert the elastic band.  Then, topstitch very close to the top edge of the waistband.

Note that the elastic is only for the back portion, so you only need to cut half the waist length. Insert the elastic band through the opening at side seam and all the way to the other side seam/side.  Pin the elastic at both side seams and sew securely using a straight stitch at the 2 side seams across the elastic and skirt casting. Sew over the opening, hem your skirt and you have your pretty skirt!

I love the vibrancy of the colours. So, I went a bit crazy and made a matching skirt for one of her doll.  It's a simple skirt with elastic band.

Did I stop here? NO! I went even more crazy and made a fabric belt using the remaining strap.

Simple instruction for fabric belt
I sew up 6 strips of 1.5" wide fabric at the short edge to make 2 long pieces of 3 straps each.

Then, iron heavy weight interfacing on both the Wrong Side of each long strip.  The interfacing should be the same size as the strip but minus the seam allowance so as to reduce the bulk. 

After that, with Right Side Facing, align the seam and sew up all the edges of the strip, leaving 2" opening in the middle of the long strip for turning it Right Side Out. Clip corners and turn it Right Side Out.

After you have turn it out, press with iron and top-stitch close to the edge on all the sides, making sure to catch the opening in the middle. 

Insert 2 D rings (make sure size fits) through one end of the strip and fold in 1" and sew to secure.

The belt is complete. Just loop the other end through the 2 D rings and then back through 1 D ring to secure.

Phew! At the end of 4 hours, I'm done and ready for bed. Yawn...Can't wait for my girl to see the rainbow assemble : )

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