Friday, August 12, 2011

Another 2 laptop bags

Remember the laptop bag that I made sometime ago? Well, I made 2 more! Customised order from my colleagues at office. I guess my sewing is good enough to sell now : P

Anyway, I use what I've and they picked out the colour schemes. So, here's what they will be receiving.

The purple one is from Jay-Cyn Designs Avalon collection - Take Flight Grape. I've added the magnectic snap in the inside of the bag and make the handphone pouch infront slightly longer.  Also added a big pocket inside the bag as my colleague wanted it.

The green floral fabric is from but I can't remember the name Queen Anne's Lace in Olive by Nancy Mims.  To make it more interesting, i've added a solid green border on top. The fabric was from Ikea. I've also added the snap infront of the bag and also a big pocket inside the bag. 

For both bags, I've attached the handle directly into the bag instead of the D ring as I found that it is more stable and didn't twist around so much.

I love these bags! They are so pretty and functional. Will be making one more in Blue soon. My office soon will have multi-coloured laptop bags : )


Fern said...

will you be doing a yoga mat bag for me?? hee..

Eunice said...

sure thing, little sister. Just needed sometime.

Jiayan said...

Hi Eunice,
The bag really looks nice!! Btw, do you know where to get cheaper and reliable sewing machine? Thinking of making stuff but i'm on a shoestring budget now.....

Eunice said...

I got mine from Courts. You can try Spotlight, textile centre or Best Denki. With year-end sale everyway, you can find quite good deal for less than $200. Read the review online on the sewing machine before you buy so you know the limitation and options.