Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Happy National Day, Singapore!

We have just celebrated our nation's birthday on 9 August 2011. It was a day of Red and White (our national flag colours).  Singaporeans and visitors alike came together to celebrate with an evening of performance and fireworks at our Marina floating platform.

So, in celebration of the National Day this year, I made 2 skirts for my girls. In Red and White of course!

My D1, I made a gathered skirt with drawstring details on the front with white inner skirts peeping under the red overskirt. It's very pretty and I really like the effect. 

For D2, I made her simpler (cause I've run out of time) with white lace trimming on the gathered skirt. It was so cute on her. I paired it with a white T-shirt that has a picture of a little girl hair. She gots lots of smiles and attention at church last week as our church celebrated the day in advance at Sunday School. She was termed 'little china girl' cause I tied her hair in 2 buns.

More pictures

Couldn't help posing the pictures. She's so cute, and I'm her mom!  I'll post the tutorials for the skirts in my next post.

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Fern said...

nice and cute!!!